Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cincinnati Thanksgiving {part 2}

A very long time ago I talked about my family doing no shave november and us all running in the turkey trot as a new tradition.  Of course by all member had dropped out.  Troy has had back issues, my mom can't with her, and Steve was in Cali but the twins and my dad just were not up for a 10k so I went it alone.  It was a lot of fun.  My parents came down to watch and support.  I am proud of myself and although I knew it was a hilly course I had forgotten until I hit them.  Maybe not the best place to do your first 10k but I loved it and will do it again. Below is the picture my showed me when we got into the car.  I was like nice shot and I then zoomed in on myself.  She had no idea she got a shot of me she was just snapping like a crazy person and then realized I was there.  She tried to video tap me.

there you go
 we took the kids up to my dad's office to warm up and to visit snoopy
a quick family shot
Before the finish line troy called me about a mile out to tell me where they were standing.  As I am down the hill i looked and looked and even slowed up my run which I hated because at the end I usually speed up as I did not see them I assumed they probably see me and I am just blind so I ran threw the finish we had all missed each other.  I was bumped I love seeing the kids when I run.  Just going to have to do it again soon.
 after most marathons they give you this giant foil blanket, its to keep the body warm.
well my brother taylor want me to get one but that does not happen for a 10k it's too short.  so when I got home he decided to wrap me in saran wrap.  he just thinks he is funny.

oh and my trophy

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