Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cincinnati Thanksgiving {part 3}

Of course we celebrated thanksgiving and made too much food.  We didn't even come close to finishing half of each dish.  It is a tradition in our family that the kids get to pull the wishbone and make a wish.  

 Nolan won.
As we all stood there watching we told Nolan to make a wish and he said,
"I wish for a baby".  Yes a baby.  My parents went into shock/freak out mode because they thought we planned this as a surprise.  Let me be clear there is no baby and we did not plan this but it was so funny. Because he doesn't talk about babies and of course we were shocked and looked at each other in disbelief and then quickly went into recover the room before my mom starts crying.
 We told Gracie she could make a wish too if she wanted.  She wished for pie.  Her wish was granted.

 we pulled out my brothers old K'nex and Gracie loved them
above is the jeep with the trailer.  she said she needed the trailer for her bunny to ride in
 horse drawn carriage

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