Friday, May 21, 2010

18 Month Stats

This month Gracie is 18 months.  I was excited for this check-up to see how Gracie has grown.  At her 15 month check up, Dr. Weber did mention she was on the low side at only 16th percentile for weight and 37th percentile for height.  We were sure she was going to be a shortie, with a rather large head at 80th percentile.  This month we were hoping for some exciting numbers.  It seems all of Gracie's jeans are too short but the little 18 month pants are too big in the waist.  I have heard that either Target or Old Navy have jeans were you can tighten the waist.  I am going to have to check those out.  I know they exist but I am hoping for a low cost, any suggestions?  Anyway, her 18 month stats are as follow:

Weight: 23lbs 15oz - in the 46th percentile
Height: 32.75 inches - in the 82nd percentile - 2.75 inches in 3 months, her daddy is so proud
Head: 19 inches - the 91st percentile - only a 1/2" difference but wow off the charts

Here is what she has been up too:
*climbs chairs
*she loves playing with bubbles
*stroller rides are her favorite
*anything that has to do with being outside
*she loves animals, especially dogs, everytime she hears one bark she stops and listens very intently
*she still does her excited face
*she loves to cuddle in the morning
*talking a lot but her parents do not always understand
*she is down to 1 nap a day
*she loves shoes
*she loves when we play chase
*working on her words
*her most recent, pushing her baby in the shopping cart
*many more that I am sure I will remember later...

Gracie being sneaky
oh, she had mommy's water bottle
She likes it so much better out of my bottle then her own
Gracie hanging out with mommy & daddy
 as we got yard work done


fblife said...

She is SO sweet! Elijah always needs the adjustable waist pants. Target and Kohl's have them, so does Children's place. If you have an outlet nearby (as we do) they have awesome sales in the off seasons.

Schenk Family said...

Thanks, that is exactly what I need. Hopefully I can get my hands on at least one pair for now.

Lambert Loggings said...

She is soooo cute!!