Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a Couple of Crafts

Oh, how I love to craft.  But it seems that I never make time for it.  I always think of the numerous other things that need to be done.  But it seems that some how there has been enough time in my days to put together a "How to" book of all the crafts I want to do and make a few things as well.

I fell in love with this Amy Butler bag that I have been dying to make but before I destroyed some great fabric I thought I would start with a simple bag pattern I bought and with fabric that is much cheaper.  I did add a couple of extra pockets for holding diapers and some other spacific items I carry. It came out pretty good.  Although it did come out a lot bigger then the picture made it out to be.  I even commented to a friend that once I completed the orginal pattern I would make another that was much bigger.  Turns out I won't need too.

By the way following a pattern was one of my biggest challenges.  I usually just cut and sew by what I see in my minds eye or looking at a picture seems to be much easier.

I hope to use this big bag for a lot of fun trips this summer.

I have also been very busy making lots of baby gifts...
shower gifts for Matthew
burp clothes, bibs & blankets
nursing cover #1
nuring cover #2
nursing cover #3
nursing cover #4
nursing cover # 5

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kembub said...

wow. i wish i had a crafty brain and could make wonderful things like you do!!! that bag is brilliant, and the baby gifts are all lovely too. well done you!!! you should sell!!! x