Friday, January 13, 2012

2 Months

At Nolan's 2 Month Check Up:
Height: - 24 1/2 - 98%
Weight: 13lbs 8 oz - 82%
Head: 15 1/2"- 64% - much smaller then miss gracie
Info: you have very dry skin on your for head

What Nolan is up too:
  • smiles all the time
  • when you are awake you want to be talked too
  • making bubbles
  • sticking out his tongue
  • just started cooing
  • loves being naked
  • favorite person by far is Gracie he smiles the most for her
  • eating every 3 hours sometimes 4 and at the most 5 
  • sleep schedule - you go to bed between 11 & 2 you are my little night owl. you then sleep until any where between 7 & 8. you eat then sleep 3 more hours....I think this counts as sleeping through the night although   I wish my sleep started earlier but I have adapted
  • traveled to Cincinnati twice 
  • loved on by lots of family & friends at Christmas
  • you continue to spit up.  Gracie never did this so I have to always carry a burp cloth.  You spit up not just after you eat but anytime.  I have gotten use to smelling like spit up because no matter where the burp cloth is you seem to miss at some point.  This includes spitting up on your outfits. Dr Weber is not worried so this  is something I am getting use too;)
  • while in Cincinnati daddy did some belly time with you and you rolled right over
  • even in you sleep positioner pillow 
  • you have a baby pillow that elevates you just a little while you sleep at night, you do scoot until you hit the sides
  • nicknames: little man, squirt, buddy, pumpkin
I knew my little man was growing but wow.  When I was at the doctors office I was getting out my pen to write down the percentages and the nurse was joking around telling that they were all 100%.  This little guy guy does not look like a  2 month old.  Yesterday he took a morning nap and an after noon nap as if he was 6 months old.  I walked him into his room at about 2pm and laid him down and walked out and he went to sleep.  Now he had not slept since noon so I knew he need to sleep but it was still a lovely moment to have both kids in there rooms for naps at the same time.  For a moment it was all so peaceful.

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Jenny said...

Wow, 2 months already? I love his cheeks, they are so cute. Nakedness and little boys just seem to go hand in hand. I've always joked with my friends that the new mom's scent is Eau de Spit up. :-)