Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Blessed 2011

I can look back at every year and see so much to be thankful for, to see all the changes, and all the prayers that have been answered.  I can look over my life and see how much God has blessed me with, an amazing husband that loves and adores me, a best friend and an amazing father.  I have two beautiful kids.  A great family that loves and supports me.  Encouraging friendships with whom I can be honest and a church that has blessed us.

I just want to reflect on the heart sorrows of the year and the things that God has blessed us with.
  • The year started with us going through tests to find out why I could not get pregnant
  • In February Troy's Grandma Velda passed away
  • Found out I was pregnant
  • My friend from college son passed away in the worst possible of ways
  • We found out that I was having a baby boy
  • Troy and I celebrated 8 years together
  • We welcomed my first niece Nora to the family
  • My Grandma passed away - Thankful for the time I got to spend with her right before
  • Gracie turned 3
  • Last day of work
  • Welcomed a healthy baby boy
  • Found a name for our new baby boy, Nolan
  • Being blessed and loved on by my parents
  • Friends moving
  • See my brother this Christmas
With the year ending and the New Year beginning God always brings about new things to come with challenges, changes, and excitement.  We are excited to see all that God does for our family.


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