Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time With Family

Here is a picture recap of our family time in Cincinnati.

Nolan with two of the shirts I made him
I mentioned in a prior post that we all attended the Christmas play at my parent's church.  After Gracie got to meet the dancer that played Mary.  Most of the pictures above were taken with my phone so they are not very good but I still love them.  The kids on their daddy's shoulder after the show.  Gracie meeting Mary, she actually touched her face, I was a little embarrassed but I think she was checking to see if she was real.
Family Picture
The beautiful table for Christmas Eve diner
The Family
My mom and I made these cups that I found on Pinteret
Grace helping Nina with dishes
Gracie & Alex working on the train table
Nolan getting some much needed game time in;)

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