Saturday, April 7, 2012

4 Months

Playing Catch-up...
very late 4 month picture

In March Nolan turned 4 months.  Our little guy is growing fast and although he has quickly moved into 6 month clothes for the length his weight is still on the low end.  During the appointment our doctor went over all the things at this point Nolan should do.  He is for sure a mover.  I believe once he is crawling stage he will be the happiest little boy.  To our surprise our doctor did say we need to fatten him up.  You may think this is strange, looks can be deceiving when it comes to Nolan's cheeks.

Nolan's 4 Month Stats:
Height: 26" (75%)
Weight: 15lbs 3 1/2oz (30%)
Head Circumference: 16 1/2"

Your dry skin is gone and but your eye is often goopy due to the clog tear duct that looks like it is finally starting to clear up.  It only makes me sad when your eye gets stuck together after nap.

Mom look what I can do:
  • daddy calls it the ninja roll.  going from one place to another and ending up rotated and in a whole other location in a different direction.
  • you know already how to tease gracie.  the other night we watched you grab her doll a number of times even after she took it from you and put it a side.  some how you managed to get it again.  you enjoyed every minute.
  • you make motor sounds with your mouth
  • often while feeding you, you laugh or smile more then you eat.
  • you think nap time is a game.  you laugh at me when I try to get you to sleep or put a paci in.  
  • Gracie is always checking on you.  She loves going in and talking to you when you wake from a nap.
  • you have a new friend, an elephant, that gracie gave you which you chew on all the time.
  • Night time has gotten a little better.  We stated putting a little cereal in your bottle before bed to help you feel full and sleep thru the night and so far it is helping.
  • you are started to sit up.  i mean daddy sits you by his feet and you will sit there for a while but slowly you will go down on your belly after about 5 minutes.
  • he is just a happy guy and if he is not he wants to eat or sleep.
  • he does love being in the middle of the action.  If gracie and i move to the dinning room Nolan will turn his body even in the saucer so he can see us.
  • he is a load talker or I should say screamer/talker
  • nicknames:little man, squirt, buddy, pumpkin, sweet boy
  • You still sleep the best on your side
  • Although my schedule this spring has been hectic you have adapted well
  • he does not want to sit he likes to stand and will grab for anything....i mean my ranch dress, my drink, my phone and delete and email you name it he wants it
  • trying to use the cute winter 6 month close before it is too hot
  • still in size 2 diapers
  • you are bottle feed for almost all feedings at this point
  • you laugh at the silliest things; funny faces and noises
  • tried spoon feeding you cereal and you gagged
  • Love chewing on your hand, thumb, or paci.
  • You love bath time.
  • I try to keep him to 2 good naps a day an no skipping feedings, this messes up his whole schedule
  • if someone else is feeding you and Gracie and I start talking you will stop and try to find us in the world.. daddy says he can talk the whole time and you never stop to find him
  • We LOVE your smiles

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The Burgess family said...

He sounds perfect! I bet the daytime routine is helping with the nighttime sleep a good deal-- that was always the key for my kiddos! Sleeping well is a learned thing and he's at a great age to be putting it all together. I love seeing your kids on your blog and I look forward to when our kids can all play together.... Christmas, maybe? :)