Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent our Easter in Cincinnati with my family, minus my brother Steve and family.  We had a great time relaxing and just enjoying our time together.  I did hope the weather would be a little warmer but better then snow;)  We had nights with smores, movie, lots of grilling, and plenty of lounging. 

The real meaning of Easter is what is most important and one that we continue to teach Gracie.  One we continue to learn from but there is also the store bought version of eggs and candy that we incorporate into the day.  I hate how much candy is given out and the ridiculous amount of money that is spent again on candy.  Our Easter baskets were full of items that Gracie would actually need or play with, things I wanted to give her.  Gracie's basket had an Ariel doll, her very own hair brush, and a movie.  Maybe you think it is lame but don't worry.  Nina spoiled her plenty and she did not go without a jelly bean.  
my wonderful family
finding her first egg
nolan & papi
a & t seacrching for the sports eggs that had money in them
we still can't find the missing basketball egg anywhere
gracie helping nolan search for eggs
the easter bunny(nina) brought gracie a ballerina outfit
gracie discovering the ballerina dress & dragging nina with her
looking over her new treasure

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