Friday, April 20, 2012


Back in November my Grandma passed away very quickly.  You can read about that on my November post.  Due to the fact that I was so close to my due date I did not get to go to the memorial service but I did get to attend via iChat(like Skype).  This was the first time I had been back in her house since she passed away.  I have been in Cincinnati numerous times since she passed away but really was not ready to go over there and see the house so empty.  I had been avoiding this whole thing because it was just so weird.  It still is not real.  I just still see her sitting in her chair at night watching dancing with the stars and reading.  I miss her, a lot, everyday.  I wish she could see Gracie and all the things that are happening and how proud she would be.  I took pictures of the things that I wanted to remember, things that right now I can see in my head but one day may start to loose, I don't want to ever forget.

her house
my grandma sat on these steps a lot over the years when i was growing up
to light our sparklers and let us run around
sometimes she just stood and waved saying
"see you later alligator" and I would reply "after awhile crocodile"

the tree I  climbed

a special spot
her front door
her screened in porch
the cabinet my grandpa made

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