Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baking Extravaganza

I love to bake anytime but at Christmas time it is a must.  I have specific cookies that must be made and pies that are requested so I love it and try to get Gracie to help.  She helps for just a small amount of time and then eats the batter off the beaters then she is done.  This year I made apple pies, chocolate chip cheese cake, crinkle cookies, and snicker doodles.  Plenty of treats to go around.

These were the easy to make sprinkle cookies that we got off of pinterest.  They were easy and they were pretty good.  I am picky about my sugar cookies but these were great considering how easy they were, but not as good as the real ones.

I have been working on my snicker doodle recipe.  Trying to make it perfect.

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