Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Change for the Schenk's

Most have heard but some may still be in the dark on the changes to come for our family.  This month Troy went to Chicago to interview for a job at our Alum Trinity.  Once the job was offered we had to make the hard decision if we were ready and if we thought God thought we were ready to leave our home in Canton.  It was a hard decision that we went through all the angles to be 100% sure.  I have sadly cried once each day this week over friends I will miss and memories that are our last for this house.  After some thought I was not as sad to move out of the house as the location, of Canton area.  This is the longest I have lived in one place my whole life.  We moved a lot growing up and I have never lived in one spot for 7 years, ever.  Now my parents are in the same house but I was only there for 5 before I graduated, pretty crazy right?

The date of which we will all call the north burbs of Chicago home has not been discovered yet.  We are praying that we can rent out our house to someone quickly and that we find a place to stay as well.  There is plenty to do but I have not started any of it.  I need to know where we are going and the size of the place we will move into to know what to take and what needs to be gotten rid of.  We could use prayers all the way around.

I am sure you will see updates as they come.  At least with the blog you can follow this crazy train anywhere!


Lisa said...

Wow, Candace that is a big change. Congrats on the new job! Praying all the details come together smoother than you expect and that God will keep you at peace through all the change.

pdisandro said...

I have been praying for you guys since I found out. How exciting for you both! We will have to see you guys the next time we are in Chicago visiting family.