Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just the 2 of Us

This blog tends to show pictures of the kids more then anything and honestly that is what the viewers like to see but this post is about Troy and I.

This year Troy and I have had the opportunity to go to weddings of some of the guys he has coached.  It was fun to have a night out by ourselves and I was excited to get all dressed up for a date night.  I had borrowed a dress my sister-in-law had gotten from the black&white store when I was in Cali and was excited to wear it.  Not that you care but the dress was supposed to be a halter and I altered it because I look ridiculous in a halter, I have a short neck.  We just don't take many pictures of just the two of us so it was my goal for the night to get a good one.

here are a few of our attempts:

I have no idea 
 the best picture thanks to cliff
santa came to the reception
cute idea

The bride and groom had a photo booth which I thought was the best idea.  I had seen a few while photographing weddings this summer but this is the first that I have gotten to participate in and we loved it!

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