Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cali {part 1}

As soon as Thanksgiving ended I packed my bags and headed to California to visit my brother Steve, my SIL Kassi, nephew Aiden, and new to the family Logan.  This was my first time in Cali.  Troy and I were supposed to visit for our baby moon in 08 but I ended up having surgery which cancelled all that so this visit was one that has been on the list for sometime.  My nephew Logan was born at the end of October so I was heading out to help.  I loved my time there.  Sadly it rained a lot while I was their but it did not stop us from going on daily walks and I got some great runs in.  Turns out I run way further when it is raining I love it well plus the town helped.  Speaking of the town, Los Gatos literally smells like onion bagels and coffee every morning.  When I job I can pass about 6 to 10 coffee shops, like panera.  They are so cute and every morning everyone is sitting in them on there eating breakfast.  I loved jogging pass the windows.  I really did think the town was so cute.

 found this on my job
normal leaf & a red wood
 lived up to the hype!
I loved it!
 funny ohio was being supported in Cali
 what a perfect clear day

if you are an apple fan you won't need an explaination
for those who don't know this is the main hub.
i had to pass thru security and no pictures allowed area.  the building is a loop and in the center gardens the hold parties and concerts for the employees.  not for the small band but big namers like lady gaga, not that I am a follower but it is cool all the neat stuff they do for there employees, oh and all the rooms are named after fun bands and us landmarks, pretty cool!

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