Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Time {part 5}

lots of pictures below enjoy...

miss nora
nolan loved his mema & papa time
like all schenks the way to this kids heart is
with food and does he loves him some mema food
pistachios from uncle Kev
the kids loved them
nolan loved standing in the truck

gracie sharing some love with auntie kristen
sporting his John Deere boots that mema gave him
getting some aunt audi time

aunt jess
gracie loves hanging out with jess
could you tell?
gracie play uno with mema and aunt jess
gracie was all ready in her overalls for the farm but then she
decided she should use some of my brozner sampler I got
that is so not anyone I knows color.  looks great right;)

Two days before Christmas Gracie got the flu it last from about 7:30am and ended about 2:30 the same day.  That night at about 12:30 Nolan threw up and it was over by 1:30am.  The next day, Christmas eve Troy woke up sick and was fine by the end of the night.  The day after Christmas I did not feel good and it lasted about 4 hours and I never got sick.  But it was a yucky little bug.

~A couple of key things that I missed was that the kids all got to spend one day out on the farm dispite the cold they had a great time.
~I also missed the guys run the kids tired in the basement.  The kids loved play tackle and chase.

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