Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Day

Getting back home was more then nice.  We got to have Troy all to ourselves for a couple of days before he headed up to Chicago.  We took advantage of all of our down time with a lots of rest and play.  On the last day before he left Troy took Gracie out sledding.  She had been before but as for most kids this age it is always a first because they don't really remember much from the year before.  They were not out too long because it was pretty cold.  Gracie went down the hill a few times with daddy when she claimed she could go alone.  She did and she loved it.  She was even rocking the sled back and forth.  We like to claim where she picks these things up from and we claim this one is all me, I love the snow and I love sledding.  Sledding dates is a family favorite.

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