Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It has been quiet here at the Schenk blog.  Besides the fact that I have been packing, cleaning, and purging there was a little accident.  On one of Troy's trips back from Chicago Troy hit a deer and totaled the car, our toyota.  Troy is safe but it has meant some more busy times.  Searching for cars is not my favorite thing to do and I thought it would not be hard to find a car but well it is.

To kick things back into blogging here is a little something I made for our still functioning van

 gracie loves to color in the car and have multiple books

it hangs in the car and has perfect spots for all of her stuff
 very fun and i think so cute
 this is the cookie tray i got from the $1 tree with an empty can 
with paper wrapped around it to hold her crayons while in the car
i super glued a magnet i got from the craft store to the 
bottom so the can does not slide around while we are driving

1 comment:

Lisa said...

candace, that is adorable! did you follow a pattern or just make it up?

are you guys going to move close to tiu?

car shopping is a huge task. :(