Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Newest Member {part 4}

When Jake & Audra arrive they brought along their son Koen and the newest addition to the Schenk family.  Although many have seen him more times then they can count the brother's and aunts had not yet had the privilege of meeting him.  We did a very quick pass around so everyone could hold him and get a picture.  Once this was done he went back around for a longer stay with each person.  And no not even the grandparents got to hold him in the first 10 minutes.  Koen was born August 27th and seeing that all the boys live in Ohio and all coach football getting back to Kansas was a little hard but we loved getting to meet him.  See the excitement below!

just know the little boy in the red is Koen
 Uncle Cliff
 Auntie Candace
 Aunt Jess (aka the boys cousin but 
she is as much as an aunt to the kids)
Uncle Troy
(he is the baby whisperer)
Uncle Kyle 
 Nolan & Uncle Troy
nolan wanted to touch him as soon as he got in the door
 this is as close as we let grandma get until we all got a turn
 Uncle Kev

Auntie Kristen 
 We still were not letting her hold him, 
it was killing her
giving him more love 
 Aunt Jess
this might be a little peek into the future;)
again nolan wanted to touch him the idea of gentle is new to him
and some how I have no picture of gracie and koen but she got her first babysitting duty while there.  she got to watch koen while aunt audi got some food and she was entertaining and a great protector.  I think there is a job in her future.

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