Wednesday, April 3, 2013

He is Risen!

Today I am just thankful for family and friends and being able to be together for the holiday.  Although we were no longer in our own home we were in the home of the k-schenk's.  We started off with the kids checking out there baskets and then our last Sunday at church and saying sad good-bye's to so many that we love.

a new coloring book because her's are full, of course 
gloves for dress-up, super cool twisty crayons, new 
chalk, and a ballerina doll
the candy got put away and should last us sometime
 the basket I have had since last year but finally re-did the inside.
Like the fabric?  Gracie picked it out!
 Nolan did not pick out his fabric 
although he was there and Gracie helped.
Nolan also got a ball that he love playing with.

 this was the only look I got from Nolan

 seriously the only look
 super excited about her new ballerina

the closet we got to a good family picture;)

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