Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Soy

The beginning of the good bye's started and our hearts are heavy over saying bye to so many we love.  But first there is one relationship or bond that will change.  Sadly they have no idea what this truly means but I think the ichat/skype dates will be pretty frequent just so they can see each other.

Sawyer and Gracie have been apart of each other's worlds as long as they both can remember the other was there.  Yes, they do sometimes fight like brother and sister but that also means they love each other all the more!  These days they don't fight as much they just love playing together!  I got them to let me take a few pictures.  I was not sure if 1 or 5 would come out but these were my favorite and I could not get ride of one.  We love our Soy and we will miss you and Miss Gracie will miss you so so very much!

gracie hugs
they both looked like they were planing something 
so cute and posed so nicely
love these little laughs and giggles
can you hear it?
sawyer hugs
so cute
silly face!
why isn't gracie making a silly face?
and my favorite
frame worthy 
although I think gracie likes the silly face one the best

The only thing I wish I had video taped was there dramatic hello's of running to each  other! But here is a video of the two of them very little.  Just cute to watch.

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Kristen said...

Oh we miss you guys too! I still don't think Sawyer understands what is going on but he loved looking at the pics. His favorite is the evil hands picture :) I hope this bond they created. So young will endure even though they are miles apart! Bring on the Skype dates!