Monday, April 1, 2013

Pre-Easter Celebration

Our Easter Celebration started at Cliff's this year.  We went over to celebrate his birthday which all the kids knew but they also receive some pretty cool Easter baskets.  This may have changed their thought process for Cliff's birthday forever.  They may expect an Easter basket at all of Cliff's birthdays from here on out.

Saturday, we headed over to the Annual Easter egg hunt at a friends house that was also a goodbye party.  Our kids enjoyed looking for the eggs.  Nolan did go after a few of the eggs but lost interest when he could easily get candy from the kids already opening there eggs in the drive way.  But we had a great time with our little egg hunt.
 Nolan was more interested in the ball then the eggs
Gracie was getting help from one of here friends.  
It did not matter when we told her she wanted
 to follow Elliot every where he went.

I was very thankful for the warm sun!

We also had fun coloring eggs with the cousins! I could not help but add all of these pictures see below.

Sawyer not sure what to think of the two posers next to him!
 a little excited
not sure where she gets this crazy side from!?

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