Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rest {CincyWeek 1}

During time of transition we stayed with my parents.  The first week all I wanted to do is get my family back to normal with sleep and stress free.  The first day home I slipped going down my parents steep steps while holding Nolan and I knocked Gracie on the way down.  Thankfully I was able to get a hold of Nolan on the way down and keep him from being hurt.  Gracie also ended up with nothing hurt besides a little bump on her knee.  I however have bruises all up and down my side.  My elbow after was so swollen it was literally the size of an egg.  It is still a little swollen but is getting smaller daily.  The back of my leg is purple and swollen.  Running has come to a halt due to the fact it is so painful on my leg.

Besides that moment it has been a blessing to just relax, refresh, and sleep a lot!  We have thankfully gotten to welcome spring with enjoying the out doors to the park and walks.  I have actually spent my first saturday hanging out.  It has been a while since I just sat and watch TV without anything pressing. I am very thankful this week for peace and quiet.

 My Nolan barely liked to touch the grass 
and now I find him playing in the dirt and 
collecting rocks.  He is all boy and will be 
in need of a bath every night!

 Gracie loves this tree!

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