Saturday, February 7, 2015

A New Year

By the time this get's posted it will be mid-February and our life has been anything but slow.  In winters past I have look for things to fill our days, thats no longer the situation.  We are so busy but at least we are having fun.  We have Spanish Club, Soccer Club, I help out at church for 3 hours on Monday nights, bible study, dance class, two MOP's groups, swim class, and Awana.  The school offers so many free programs this time of the year it was hard to pass them up.
Our Church merged with a church that is closer to our house so we have been there a lot helping with the Alpha groups and church on Sundays, we really have loved getting to help where needed.  My favorite new role coffee, I don't drink it but I sure love talking to all the people that do.

In the midst of your new schedule I have gotten some fun shots. Here are some Random pics from January.

 family play time

 everyone attacking me

 hanging with friends
the park is still fun even in the snow

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