Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gracie Girl

It is crazy but we just celebrated 100 days of school and we only have a few months left and my girl will officially be done with Kindergarten.  The time has flown by and she has learned so much already.  We are so thankful for the teacher God has given us she is such a blessing and we are already praying for our 1st grade teacher.  At Gracie's school we have the option to stay with the same teach for 1st and 2nd grade.  Which I love having that option, it makes the transition time so much smoother when the child and teacher already have a working relationship.  I am in love with Gracie's school and how they handle everything.

Anyway all that to say here are some sweet pictures of my girl.

her hair for penguin day
she wanted me to send a picture to daddy

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