Wednesday, February 4, 2015


When Gracie lost her first tooth I wanted to do something fun.  I was not prepared for the tooth to be loose, let alone come out.  So I did some searching of what I wanted to do.  So even though I don't pretend Santa is real for some reason I did with the tooth fairy...not sure why.  My mom couldn't stop laughing at what I set-up. But right now we enjoy the fun of it while it lasts.

needed items for the tooth fairy door
Letters came from the tooth fairy
the first wast to say sorry she was running behind and a package was on it's way
the second came with her package and the door explaining how it all worked
these notes are now above her bed
 our tooth fairy door
 The little envelopes are for Gracie to put her tooth in and then put it back in the little pail.
In the morning the tooth fairy brought a sparkly $1 bill with a note thanking her for taking such good care of her teeth and of course remind her to floss.  I am promoting dental hygiene.

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