Friday, April 24, 2015

Easter to Me

I know Easter is a few weeks past but I must share this with you.

I feel as though Easter is down played to what we put forth for Christmas.  I have been contemplating ways to make it a bigger deal.  One of my friends actually has this adorable tree with Easter decorations all over it.  Easter was always as big of a deal as Christmas in her family.  I loved the idea of the tree.  I loved that there was so much excitement about the holiday for her kids and not because of the candy.  Although there was some candy this year we really wanted the kids to fully understand what Easter means to us and what it means to there lives.  Without the cross it would not matter, we would not have grace and we would have fallen so short.

My parents church had an amazing Easter service.  I have been to plenty of Easter services in my time and they are all the same and hundreds of extras flood in just for that day.  I will be honest and say I did not want to go to one more service, I wanted to stay home and just hangout with my family and do our own thing.  But we all went and as we entered the sanctuary we were each handed a box of items that were used through out the service to help us better understand.  We got to see where Jesus walked and had personally a better understanding of what he went through for us.  To understand fully the pain in which he took on for me.  If you are interested in watching even a snippet from what we had an honor of seeing check out the youtube video below.  This truly meant so much to my heart and I pray it does something to yours.

He died so we could live

If you are interested in watching more video from the Easter experience including beautifully written songs that depict what he did for us, check out there youtube site. CrossRoads Easter

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