Sunday, April 5, 2015

Girls Weekend #2

My second weekend in March I headed with the girls to the Hearts at Home moms conference.  The girls and I checked into the hotel and headed out for a girls night out diner, this means fancy with no kids kind of place, thank you Lord!

I had been told the conference was really good.  Truth be told I was a little skeptical.  Friday night was Mom's Night out, it started with a band that took a popular song and change the words to something cheesy.  I looked at my friend Kate and said how long is this, cheesy comedy would be hard to sit through for two hours.  But I was warned before the comedian came out that we should have worn depends and she was right.  Ken Davis came onto the stage and I never stopped laughing, hilarious!

We had a wonderful night of conversation and got up the next day ready to be feed.  It's amazing having that many women in one place that love the Lord.  There were so many amazing speakers and each speaker I attended, I filled my journal with notes and my heart was filled.  It was a very neat experience and can't wait to go again.

It's truly amazing the difference a 4am friend makes in your life and I am so glad to have a handful of those that live close and far.  It makes my whole life different.  One of my friends, not pictured, reminded me there is no reason to live on an island when there are people that will come along side of you and love you and pray for you.  Friends who will ask more then once are you sure you are doing ok?  I love this blessed time.

Below is a few of us girls that went.  This picture is missing 5 other ladies that also attended.

Kate B, Me
Christina, Kathy, Julie

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Kristen said...

Oh that sounds wonderful! Glad you got to have some kid free time with friends and be filled with the Word! How refreshing!