Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Random

We kept busy in March with fun moments all around that I wanted to share.

fun with circus play at the Library
I was lobby lead this particular sunday and I was out in the hall learning the ropes before practice service started and I couldn't find Gracie.  I looked through the sanctuary doors and their she was standing on the chair next to Kristy, our pastors wife, enjoying worship.  And halfway thru she asked Kristy to hold her during worship.  It was very sweet.
and since during church she must remain quiet she passed this note to me
I have mentioned this on Facebook but my Gracie girl has a friend in her class named Tatem who also get's picked up after school.  A couple of times during the year it looked as though he thought our van was the same as his moms and almost got in a few times.  I recently found out it was part of their scheme to have a play date.  They have been wanting to go to each others house and play legos.  So the notes started.  These notes contained phone number, invitations to come over, and even an address.  They were to cute to just throw away and note keep for memory sake.
Let's fly a kite
and so we shall
cozy saturday morning

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