Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daycare House

My mother-in-law retired from over 20-years of daycare.  She had a house in town that she used, it belonged to her mom, so essentially she had two of lots of things and lots of toys that need to be sent to the dump.  The house was not only home to a daycare but it stored things of her moms, her sister stored items there, as well as her son.  On my first full day there, Sunday, we were at the daycare house not to clean but to hangout before the pot luck dinner.  I thought while I was there I would start going threw the toys.  I made a quick call to uncle marv and asked about bring over a trailer for trash.  I also started taking pictures of all the big furniture knowing that for us to be able to clean we needed some space and the furniture need to go like a week ago.  My thought was to get the prep work done, make sure the trailer for trash was their, load pictures on the garage sale sites, and maybe figure out what and how this would all happen and quickly.

I uploaded the pictures online went out to great Marv and then it started.  Marv started grabbing all the trash toys out of the back yard.  With the free help I joined in, he then opened the garage and kept throwing stuff away.  Hey, when you have a free willing helper you don't stop it you just go with it.  As we were finishing up Sheila said my phone was going crazy.  I went in to check and my Facebook messages were blowing up.  I warned Sheila this may go faster then you intimated, are you ok with that, she gave me the ok and I was off.  I had prayed for a quick turnover and God provided.  It was a success! {insert dancing girl here} Day 1~ 1 over-flowing trailer, 2 twin beds, 2 baby beds, 1 high chair, baby swings, and a plastic play set all sold and out of the house. This does not include all the toys Sheila threw out.

By tuesday afternoon the trailer was overflowing with trash for the dump.  Now I just want to be sure that I don't mean the trash man is coming I mean we have to drive all this stuff and unloaded into the dump, yes seriously.  It was smelly and actually fun to just throw stuff down the dump hill.

 a vey FULL load

the metal pile
where the washer & dryer went to die

Below are just a few shots of some of my favorite things...
My MIL looked at this and said what is that?? And I started laughing she 
thought it was a remote to a tv.  My daughter will have no idea what this is in a few years.
 I have never seen this closet empty
the stuff left belongs to a family member
I only left 1 cabinet for sheila for sunday lunches 
which I moved to the cabinet to the right but 
basically nothing, I was very proud of all that she let go.

A lot of the family came into town to go thru their mom's stuff. We loaded a couple car loads full of stuff to take to the farm.  A lot of items were things like blenders and pans that she was going to keep and get ride of what she had at home so once we got to the farm we emptied boxes and then loaded them up with stuff to get rid of.  I know there was more that came out of the farm to go to the sale pile so that was exciting.  I know it was not fun for a summer activity but come August first this will all be done and she can enjoy and not worry about getting it all done.

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