Tuesday, June 23, 2015

random may


 Nolan's first trip to the ER for nursemaid elbow
 my hubby
 the kids enjoying a little movie
lots of learning going on 
milk does a flower good, right mom...
all nolan 
 an original Gracie design
 in bed selfie but the light was so bright we all closed our eyes
 my love and i
The girls and I hit up pitch perfect 2 at the new theatre with lounge chairs 
nolan trying to sleep 
chair redo sorry no pics of it finished 
Gracie & Dede playing on Memorial Day weekend 
 time with Micah &Kathrina
 fun snack for the kids
 them posing
 some style right there

yum mom 
 my crazy nolan love this kid!
finally picked my christmas gift;)

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