Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Farm

Once we finished the daycare and brought boxes home to go through we had a big problem of space. Everything could not stay.  Lots of the items Sheila brought out to the farm were items like mixers and pans that were being kept because they were better then the ones at the farm.  Then the ones at the farm we got ride of.  My OCD side said I can't leave this all to Sheila its too much.  I took on the back room to deciliter organize and get ride of things not needed.  The farm house is perfect side for 2 people but when all the kids and grandkids are a round it can get crowded.  I started with the room where the kids hangout the most.

Before & After
this includes the bed nolan was sleeping on
 with no room there is also not much storage for all the stuff
 this room became the storage room
 first the chairs pilled high.
folding chairs are easy to store and can easily be moved 
these chairs were out quickly
 I can sew any where
 old curtains that are I am sure over 20 years old were replace with semi new ones
very nice 
 rearranged the room to make it feel more open
brought in a cabinet to hold the tv and all the movies, games, and books.
went threw the toys and organized them 

 showing off

Schenk Selfie
LOVE this picture! 
and were out
doing the one finger wave a few more times until its no longer recognized as a peace symbol

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