Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Creative Gears are Turning & Burning

Ok so the next couple a month’s lead up to some exciting events of which I am the planner. Ok, ok honestly I totally do not mind, I love this stuff. I love my lists and my note book full of little pictures of ideas of what everything should look like. Yes, I know all these events do not take place until November but if I am making stuff it will take time especially with a little one who wants me to play with her instead of crafting.

The first BIG event is Gracie’s Birthday. My baby will be 1 and you only have one First Birthday so I am trying to make it extra special. I have a whole section dedicated to her big day, from her little outfit, to invitations, decorations and the invite list. All I have to do is make all of it. Seriously, I have started some of it and I thought I would show you just a little, not too much to give it away, but just enough.
This picture was too cute to pass up.

Last but not least Kristen’s Baby Shower in Kansas. Yes that is right I am planning a shower in Ohio to be given in Kansas. This does make for an interesting situation but I am up for the challenge. Since I can’t get together with the people who are helping I have just been bouncing ideas off people at work, just to make sure things aren’t too cheesy. I actually sent Sheila a huge envelope of stuff so she could at least see some of my thoughts and ideas. I am excited about this, we have the location, games, decorations, food and invite list already to go. I just have to make all the invitations, the decorations and make sure everything is sent out before I leave Ohio. Flying with all this stuff plus Gracie would be just a little to crazy. Plus I do not want anything smashed. I have limited resoures in Smith Center, the Dollar Store, and I just do not think they have then kind of stuff that I would be looking for. I thought I would give you a sneak peak at the envelope of the invitations. I drew it up on the computer the scan was horrible. The colors and strips are a mimic of the bedding Kristen wants for Baby Schenks nursery. And the address in this picture is completely fake just to protect all parties involved :) I always wanted to say that.
No worries I will post pictures of the real events so you can see how everything turns out. Pray for me, seriously my brain is all over the place.


The Burgess family said...

When is the baby shower going to be?

The Burgess family said...

And what is that giant pink flower thingy Gracie is playing with? Too cute!

Schenk Family said...

I guess I should have mention the pink thing is what I call a flower pom. I will probably hang them from the celling. I saw a picture of them and they look so cool. So I decided not to them and try and make them.

Kristen's Shower is going to be the weekend after Thanksgiving. I won't send invitations out until November but you are on our list.

The Penners- Joel, Emily, and Ella said...

So fun Candace! I am sure they will all turn out fun, beautiful, and definitely cute!
I think Sarah Swartszentruber(sp?) has some kind of party hosting blog, have you ever caught pictures of her parties on Facebook? They are sooooo cute, might give you some more ideas, not that you really need that though. :)

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