Monday, September 20, 2010

Dishes & Salsa

Gracie Helping with Dishes
Gracie loves pushing up a chair and helping her mama. On this day she helped with dishes and made salsa. She loves her salsa, you might think this is odd but I love spicy food and I ate plenty of it while I was pregnant so it is only normal that she would love it too.

My friend Jana made homemade salsa one night when we were visiting at her house and it was amazing. The only salsa I ever liked besides Chili's was Trader Joe's. I am not a fan of chunky salsa, so Jana's was perfect and in case we are far from a Trader Joe's like now this is perfect, so I got the recipe.  No more trying to find a good salsa. I thought I would share this recipe with the rest of you. enjoy.

PS there are no actual measurements, sorry. Go by taste :)

My Silly Girl
This recipe can be started 2 ways: 

#1 the most easy way buy 2 big cans of whole tomato's, any brand, open, drain and dump into the blender...easy!  
#2 get a lot of tomatoes, my guess there is about 5 large ones in each can.  Boiling for about 5 minutes or until peel starts coming off. Drain and dump into a bowl of cold water. The water may need to be switched out if it gets to warm from the tomatoes cooling down.  You can then pull the peels right off the tomatoes and drop them straight into the blender.

Now give it a quick blend and you will have a  nice red/orange color.  From this point you will need the following ingredients: garlic, lime, cilantro, & jalapeno. 

Let's start with the GARLIC.  I crush 3 or 4 cloves depending on the size into the blender. Cut the LIME in half and squeeze one-half into the blender.  CILANTRO is my favorite so I like a lot of cilantro.  I just add a hand full and blend.  You will notice after adding the cilantro the color of the salsa will get darker.  The more you add the dark it gets.  At this point I have made this salsa enough to know about how dark I like it.  Now for the JALAPENO, I cut about 3 or 4 slices of the jalapeno depending on how hot you want it.  Add it into the blender and give it a good blend.  This would be a good time to grab a chip and give it a taste.  Now remember that the jalapeno and the garlic will get hotter and stronger after letting it sit, trust me.  There are times I have had garlic seeping from my pores or my tongue on fire.  If when you taste test you think it tastes pretty darn good and wish it to be just a tad hotter don't add a thing more.  Dump it into a bowl and stick it in the fridge for a little while. 

*the longer the jalapeno and the garlic sit the hotter and the stronger it will get. 
*A friend made a whole batch from there garden and they added hot sauce, corn, and black beans and it was amazing.  They also did not blend all of it.  Some of the tomatoes they cut by hand so there would be some chunks.  It is all about what you like so be creative and enjoy!
***again make it to how you like it.  But I am sure if you love salsa you will love this, enjoy!
I know it may look a little
brown but it sure is good!

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