Monday, September 13, 2010

Not a Big Girl Yet

Ok, so I am sneaking this post into the middle of others.  I was affraid I would offend some people with the pictures but since I use this as a source for a scrapbook I wanted to be able to document this, so close your eyes if you don't like gross stuff.

It is sort of kind of official that my Gracie has started potty training.  Ok well there is no training.  I just let her try out the big girl potty to see if she was interested.  Although she liked it at the begining she does not understand the idea to sit for a little while.  Right now she sits down for about 5 seconds then jumps up a checks the potty.  hilarious.  She is a funny girl.  But on 1 occasion and only 1 she did poop in the potty and then allowed her to flush it down the toilet.  I made a very big deal of it but she is not interested anymore so there the potty will sit until she is ready.  I did take a picture of her first moment.
potty time
the first flush

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