Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Months

Usually at this point there are no weigh-ins but I took Nolan in to get his ears check so I did get a minor update on his stats.

Time for the weigh in:
height: 29.25"
weight: 20lbs

Improvement no more:
Nothing to report!

Mom Look at Me:
  • you still have 8 teeth.
  • you are officially a walker
  • Sometimes you crawl if you want to chase Gracie but you try to do it on foot
  • you love climbing the steps.
  • your hands and feet are always wet and clammy.
  • you love being tickled. 
  • I swear you are coping things that I say and when I hear them I say them again in hopes that you will do it again so I can see you.  but you will just smile at me and move on to something different
  • you still take 2 naps a day
  • you are now in all 9 month items sometimes 12.  Fall has come really early and there are no winter 9 month clothes for you
  • you are in a size 3 diaper at night we started a size 4
  • bath times have been extended and you now will sit and play and enjoy the bath and not just try to take off
  • my favorite is the random cuddles and the kisses you give me
  • nicknames: squirt, sweet boy, buddy, pumpkin, you little bugger, little man, 
I went away for a night and when I came home you walked to me climbed up on my lap and hugged me then looked at me and hugged me again several times.  I loved it!

All table food baby!
  • We have pinned down your terrible diaper rashes to tangerines or strawberries.
  • so far you love everything I give you except peppers of any color
  • you love chicken
  • not too fond of beef but will try again

Routine - These are pretty true - you are now using a sippy for all feeds except for the bedtime bottle
  • 8am sippy
  • 10 nap
  • 11:30/12:00 Lunch
  • 1:30 sippy
  • 2:00 nap
  • 4:30 sippy
  • 5:15 dinner
  • 7:30 final bottle (this final bottle goes like this: 7oz of water, 3 scoops of formula, add oatmeal)
  • bedtime around 8pm
all bottles are 7 oz  {we changed your feeding schedule with success and will keep it this way until further notice}

Strangest thing in the world of Nolan
Every night before bed we check on the kids.  We make sure they aren't cold or just to make sure they are ok.  Anyway, I am no longer allowed to check on Nolan because he has momsense(like spidysense).  I can take one step into that room and his head will come flying up.  Now often when this has happened I will try to stand completely still and he will just sit up forever like he knows that I am still there, it is really creepy to me.  Now sometimes Gracie would wake but nothing like this, just so strange.  We think this comes from his mom I was the same way growing up I could sleep through the alarm but one move from the twins and I was up checking on them, very strange.  

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