Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Around the House with Gracie

Even though I  love taking pictures there are sometimes when I just don't think about taking a picture or I am not quick enough to grab it.  But on this day I had it with me every where I went.  Trying to capture each of my kido's.  Here are the ones I got of Gracie first.

gracie LOVES playing dressup
on this day she figured out if there was not another girl to play
 with her then her bunnies could be the ones to dress up with her

I had some much needed cleaning to do in the basement and G
came down with her friends and asked me to take a picture. 
too cute

these sandals are about 5 sizes
to big but she insisted on wearing them
gracie want to be sure I got a picture of each bunny

do you notice there arms around each other?
yes gracie set this up! 

And then of course a picture of them each by themselves.  She will even ask to look at my camera so she can see the picture to make sure I got it.  

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