Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Gracie Just started her first year of preschool.  Can you believe she is old enough for this?  I mean I know but sometimes it is weird to see her so grown up.  I got lots of pictures of our sweet girl before her first day!

she just loves her sheep

my sweet girl
in front of her cubbie

moving her picture from home to school
i think this is such a cute saying
Miss Julie & Miss Judy

After school we were sitting at lunch and I was asking her about her day.  Sometimes she says not much so since I could see some of the stuff she did I asked about her songs and she gave me this little look.  She then said, "did you peek mom? I saw you peek at me" which is so not true since it is a 2 way mirror well at least she is not supposed to be able to tell.

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