Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Years Ago

10 years ago on this day Troy proposed to me.  Although I could give you the some of the details of the day I decided to pull it off an old site we used when we got engaged.

How We Met
Freshman year Troy was my powder puff coach.  Only memory from that year was that I asked him if I could go in the game and thinking how scary he was.  My sophomore year is when we started actually making conversation, well my friend Lily did most of the talking trying to hook us up.  This usually took place in Melton(the cafeteria) where she talked and antagonized him which was just hilarious and I said barely anything.  When we finally started dating, which took a long while, we did a lot of talking at night on the phone but I ignored him anytime I saw him during the day.  On the phone he was suave and handsome a really good dresser;) You might be laughing because you know in person he was a farm boy from Kansas.  I was lucky if he wore a belt with his pants when his shirt was tucked in, I also found that most things he wore did not match and his pants were WAY to tight and tapered all the way down.  He also had this purple sweatshirt that I will never forget, that he clams was for K-State, even though it was no where on it, he just looked like Barney.  Needless to say it took me a long while to date him and to talk to him in person.  But a gentleman he was and always looked after me.

Engagement Day
October 24, 2002

How It Happened
Troy decided that since he had a vacation day in October he would spend the day with me.  Troy had the day all planned out.   We were going to go out for lunch then head to the botanical gardens, but the rain ruined his plans.  Troy and I grabbed carry-out  for lunch and hung out at his apartment for the afternoon.  Then we split, Troy went to football and I had to nanny.  Around 7pm, Troy and I headed out to dinner at Stoney River.  After dinner Troy asked if I was up for a walk so we headed out to our favorite spot.  As we headed back to the car from the walk, Troy asked me if I would drive.  As I opened the door there was a sticky note stuck to the steering wheel that read, "Candace, you might want to look in your trunk!" with a picture of a present on it.  I opened the trunk and there were a dozen  pink roses in my trunk.  As I picked up the roses I noticed a blue ribbon that was tied to the roses and then ran behind a box that was in my trunk.  I pulled on the blue ribbon and a white box came flying at me.  On top of the box there was a receipt from a restaurant in Cincinnati, my dad had signed it.  Troy had gone to Cincinnati to ask permission to marry me, I was in shock.  Troy took the white box and opened it, and inside was a black box.  He then got down on one knee, opened the box, and said a bunch of stuff I do not remember with will you marry me at the end, I of course replied with a yes!

It is so fun for me to think about all that occurred between now and the day of the wedding.  We had some amazing moments but the road was not always easy.  It was a tough engagement with job struggles and family but God got us to the altar.

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