Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cincinnati Reds

While in Cincinnati I got to check another item of the list.  My dad got tickets to game 5 of  the Reds vs the Giants.  And although he was hoping to take Taylor, who had class I was runner up.  I had not gotten to go to a game in the new stadium.  I was hoping that this would be a family event for all, maybe next time.  The ball park was beautiful!  I do like baseball but I usually don't go for just the game I like the conversation more then anything while watching.  Sadly, the Reds lost and did not put up much of a fight and the Giants deserved all the wins!  Sorry, Cincy but it is so true.  Anyway here are a few pictures from the day.  Oh and we didn't get a picture before the game because it was so crazy   and everyone was in such a bad mood after I did not dare ask;)

 the Giants pitcher warming up
 All American Ball Park

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