Saturday, November 10, 2012

Family Ties

Now even though I have a great camera I never carry it anywhere.  I am always worried it will get broken.  Anyway I have a bunch of recent photos on my iPhone that I wanted to share.  These are from different events but are all have a little story with them, enjoy.

 You may or may not know that I have been watching my niece and nephew here and there.  On one of those days the kids were in the living room playing and when it gets tired I always worry.  I peeked in on them and on the floor sleeping was Nora.  Little thing was so tired.  And, yes she is touching her belly button, she is obsessed with it.
 Gracie and I had a Target date.  We just go walk around and look at what ever gracie wants which is usually shoes or toys, sometimes clothes.  Gracie loves trying on the hats and sunglasses.  I think she is just so funny.
 This was one of the most special moments that I have witnessed in football.  I have seen a bunch of games and special moments but this was the coolest.  One of your Malone guys were hurt.  They brought the stretcher out to take him off the field.  Without any hesitation from either team they started to jog out to him.  Where they then all prayed, best moment!
 Gracie & Mommy 
 I thought since the weather was pretty good I would take all four kids out.  It had been raining for a while and the ground was too wet for the park so we meet some friends at the track where the kids could just run.  In one spot there was a nice little puddle.  As we walked back and forth on one side of the track I looked over and Sawyer and Gracie were sitting and playing.  Weird what were they doing? Then Gracie says, "mommy we are making foot prints, excellent!  They had taken there shoes and socks of and were enjoying dunking them into the water and making foot prints.  But they were having fun.  Due to the fact that they were muddy and now soaked I had to get creative on how to get them in the car and home.
 That is how this happened.  Lucky Troy came home at the right time to help me with the quickest bath anyone kid has ever had, maybe 2 minutes each, maybe.  A quick rinse off for each and into warm clean clothes and some lunch.  Nora hated it but it was fast.
 Adventure out of the house again but with a to something a little bigger the zoo.  Now it actually went pretty well.  I packed lunches and the kids did really well.  I think nora and gracie enjoyed poking at each other.
 We meet friends at the zoo.  
 playing king and queen
 gracie & ella
 We attempted to enjoy the warm weather outside but the bees were CRAZY!  
There were 2 adults and 7 kids.
My little man feel a sleep in my arms, the first time in a really long time, this never happens.  This was Nolan's first sick day and first ear infection, 4 molars at one time.

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