Sunday, November 18, 2012

Party #1 {Part 3}

There were lots of pictures so here is the last set for Miss G's day.  Before all of Gracie's friends got to the house Gracie got to open one gift...

A Princess Aurora Dress aka Sleeping Beauty
Gracie loves Sleeping Beauty right now even though she has only seen party of the movie and said it was too scary for her, I think it may be the pink.  Anyway, I found this dress and her next gift at Once Upon a Child a consignment store and just thought it would be the theme for gifts this birthday.
Gracie & Mommy 
Daddy & Gracie
I love this picture!
 I love the bond they share.
 birthday kiss
 you should ask gracie about Nolan's kiss she calls it the bit kiss, yuck.  
Sleeping Beauty PJ's 
and her Sleeping Beauty Princess Doll 

 I do not actually do any other barbie's just the "princess" doll things.  Yes they are similar but barbie's are just to old for her.  These girls are at least from a movie and I super glue there shoes to their feet and there clothes are never to be taken off.  That is the rule in our house, have you ever put those clothes on a doll?
Birthday tradition of the balloons on the birthday 
morning and she is showing off her 4 fingers.
My cute girl with her sheep before school on her actual birthday.
I was more excited I think then she was to be able to take treats for 
her birthday.  Gracie made this year so easy on me she requested 
donuts for her class.  I love this kid!

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