Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Toy Story

I have 2 post that I need to put up from October before I get into Gracie's Birthday Party!

Now we don't actually go trick-or-treating.  For the last couple of years we have taken Gracie to a little thing that Malone does.  Each hall in the main girls dorm is decorated in a theme, example Wizard of Oz, Mario Bros, or LegoLand.  Nothing scary but we could check things out and they would give candy to Gracie.  A simple alternative to a harvest party like many churches have.  Due to the Presidential Inauguration the school thought it was too much so they cancelled this year about 2 weeks prior.  At this point I had already promised to make Gracie a Jess from Toy Story 2 costume.  We had a family costume this year all picked out.  Due to the hurricane all plans were cancelled altogether and we headed to a friends house for dinner and the kids could play.  Below is a look at the dressed up family!

Gracie was very particular about what she was too wear to look just like Jess.  I did the hat, shirt, and jeans.  The belt we go from salvation army and is way to big but she had to have it.
Troy dressed up like Woody.  The only thing I made was the vest.
I of course was Bo Peep.  Gracie really wanted me to be slink or the 
dinosaur but I told here I don't know hot to make those costumes.
Jess & Buzz Light Year

The only thing about making things, Gracie now thinks I can make anything.  

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