Friday, November 16, 2012

Party #1 {Part 2}

Gracie had 6 girls over including herself.  All the girls were from church and 5 of them have literally grown up together which is so cool to me.  When I asked gracie what she wanted for her birthday party she said pizza and popcorn.  So easy I loved it.  After we finished our pizza everyone got a cupcake and choice of pink or purple icing.  The girls then decorated there cupcakes with lots of sprinkles.  It was a lot of fun!

 Kendal& Alahya
 Summer & Savannah
strawberry cupcakes 
 Happy #4 sweet girl
Summer & Gracie cleaning up 

 Gracie getting a flower painted on her face
While all the parents hung out I headed upstairs to check on the kids
This is where I found them, Gracie is the head in the very back 
 Gracie loves miss Summer
Aunt Jess & Uncle Cliff

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