Friday, May 24, 2013

18 Months

Nolan is officially 18 months and is changing and moving faster then ever, if that is possible.  And since I forgot about the 15 month shots and now we are in a transition period his 18 month stats are coming via nurse mommy.

Here are his stats:
{I will update these once we are planted in Illinois}

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 25 lbs 4 oz
Head Circumference: 18 1/2 inches

Mom Look at Me:
  • you have a full mouth of teeth with the biggest smile that people always comment on
  • your 18 month molars came in over 3 months ago so we are good
  • you also give very serious looks you sometimes, even looking pretty mad
  • you love any big truck or machine that makes noise
  • you still love bath time
  • you love being chased
  • you love being tickled
  • you only take one nap a day and sometimes you tell me when you are ready
  • you are in 18-24 clothes. i believe your shorts will be on the small side for a while 12-18. your shirts are almost always 18 months
  • although you could actually fit in a size 3 diaper we retired that long ago because you pee a lot.  Sometimes you even wake up from nap wet so we have to really watch your in take at lunch.  Night time is 5 for the same reason.  
  • you love to play outside
  • you love all and any shoes.  i think you love just putting them on by yourself
  • you love to give other kids hugs
  • you have learned the art of time outs and having to say sorry
  • you love to help throw out diapers or take shoes to the steps
  • you defiantly respond to us saying good job
  • you love to tote your sippy cup everywhere
  • anger and frustration is something we are working on.  if you get annoyed you can't do something you get so mad
  • if i tell you no to something sometimes you will pick up the first thing you see and throw it.  so funny and I try so hard no to laugh
  • you love your gracie so much aka sissy
  • love to get a tissue and blow your nose
  • You are still obsessed with vacuums and the loud noise they make.  Every house we go into you open their closet doors to find their vacuum.
  • you love all animals and love when we make there sounds
  • you eat are always trying to eat dirt and the chalk no matter how many times you get into trouble
  • you have also taken on playing fetch with the dog you play so much he usually tires out first
  • you can identify all major items on your body but we have to do your nose last because you like to stop and make noises with it and won't do the rest of them identified
  • Favorite Word: NNNNO.  Yes the n sound travels a while
  • nicknames: squirt, sweet boy, buddy, pumpkin
  • nicknames when you are up to no good: rat, bugger.
Things He Says:
  • oh geesh
  • papi{as if he is italian}
  • dadie
  • gacie{gracie}
  • sisi
  • mom mommie mom mommie - sometimes he will keep this up until I answer or even when I do you just think it is funny, think that cartoon with Stewie
  • hi
  • bye {with a wave included}
  • doggie{every animal is called doggie)
  • let me see it
  • outside
  • door
  • shoes
  • no
  • yeah
  • ball
  • pease{please}
  • yuck
Of course there are so many other things you say these are just some of my favorites.  Your vocabulary expands daily.  You repeat a lot and sometimes I understand what you said but no one else does and sometimes you say something and we all laugh thinking no way did he just say that.

Now I am trying to get these on video but most of the time he just stares at me with a smirk that says yeah right.

When you want to sit with me in the chair or have some cuddle time.  You use to want to be in my lap at all times or be carried but most of that ended with summer.  You love to be outside and free.

All table food baby!
  • You will eat almost anything
  • if we introduce something new most of the time you will kill it
  • if you find something interesting on the ground often you eat it, yes gross but he thinks it is so funny
  • You do not like: cottage cheese 

Routine - These are pretty true - you are now using a sippy for all feeds except for the bedtime bottle
  • you wake anywhere between 8-9am
  • 1:00 nap
  • 7:30 bedtime
Things that melt our hearts
  • you give the sweetest little kisses
  • you are always asking for papi and looking for him, he by far receives the biggest welcome homes i have seen
  • when i ask for a hug before bed you give me a good squeeze
  • Your big smile.

I remember some pictures of Troy around 
this age and they look a lot a like here

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