Tuesday, May 7, 2013

House Divided

When it comes to teams we always support the team Daddy coachs.  But there are a few teams that we don't share our love for and we have both taken our time to tell the kids who we love.  Troy loves the Royals and I am a Reds fan.  I love Ohio State and Troy loves K-State.  Then there are a few teams I have loyalty to before choosing another.  Example I am not a die hard Bengals fan at all but I would never root for the Brown's just can't do it and I hate the Yankee's, sorry.  Just team stuff.  I have taught Gracie some of the OSU chants and Troy is free to do the same but Gracie picked it up fast and knows how much it drives daddy crazy so she loves to sing it.  All this to say I got a picture of Nolan Sporting a Reds hat and I had to capture it because I was so proud to see him wearing it.

this one just looks like troy stance.  

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