Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sit & Heal

As most of you are aware the kids and I have been staying with my parents while Troy and I decide the next steps of our lives.  The time here has been a good time for me to sit and heal from time.  To allow time to run over me and to rejuvenate myself as a person, wife, and a mom.  I have had time with friends that I have not gotten to be with this much time with since college.  Being able to just be me and to share our lives and struggles have been a blessing.  Being able to take in there thoughts and prayers have been so great and helpful to a process that I so desperately needed.

I have also taken on a bible study that when I heard about it I could not help but bag to be apart of it.  It's called Story Formed Life.  We are going through scripture of God's story and taking what God wants for our life and making sure our life story includes those things.  I love looking at scripture in such detail and getting into such a deep learning process from this study.  So many that have taken this class have talked about how it changed there lives and there families.  Our church has really been focusing on sitting and resting and making time with the Lord.  I just love when I feel even more challenged by church and a study that seems to make you really think deeply about the story God wants me to have and lead.  On our first night at study we were asked to describe our faith history in one word and then explain.  I used a word and then thought of so many that better describe my faith history and then came up with providence.  He has always provided, always guided, and a never shaken love for me.  And although I love the continued learning process of my faith I am also a type A person.  I like lists and I like goals that I can accomplish and check off.  My faith will never be checked off as finished or something I am proficient in from start to finish because I will always be learning and always growing and my faith will aways be tested.  I feel lucky, over the years God has healed situations in my life in the locations in which I have lived.  Each move has done some sort of healing, changing, and growing.  I can look at each place in which we have lived and say exactly what he did in my life.  Learn to be married, grow a friendship, heal relationships, strengthen my faith, and grow our family.  Some don't get that chance to have that healing process in front of them.  I am thankful for the challenges and the things I have learned.  Even now my faith alters from moment to moment with strength one minute and questions the next.  I am excited to see how I get challenged and pushed.  We have already made some changes to our family and I will share that later but we made lists of what is most important for our family and how, what we do right now will make those teen years better.  Lots of thoughts and I am sure I will share more as I feel lead to do so.

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