Monday, May 13, 2013

Old and New

Since junior high I have been friends with Molly.  And, I have been given a unique opportunity to spend some quality time in Cincinnati and time to catch up with friends.  We have not lacked in play dates since we have been here, quite the opposite we have been a very busy little family.  Thankfully we have spent a lot of time with Molly and her two kids Pearl and Grant who are both very close in age with my two kids.  They also seem to get a long very well and love playing together which has made for some nice days followed by naps at Molly's house where we the mommies get to veg out.  To say I have loved this time is an understatement.  It has been so much fun!

 this is not pearl
gracie can make friends anywhere she goes

 nolan is more interested in climbing
up the slide then going down it.
 enjoying the sunny ride after the park
 pearl and gracie's silly faces during there outdoor lunch
 nolan loves the lawn mower 
and the pink 4 wheeler.
 loves cutting the grass
 gracie's new favorite thing is minnie mouse

Nolan finally got back into the swinging
and would stay in this swing all day if he could.

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