Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Cincinnati Christmas

For 10 years the switch of holidays has been the norm.  Over the last couple of years my brother Stephen and wife Kassi stopped making the trip for Thanksgiving and only travel for Christmas.  Understandable the cost to fly 4 people for back to back holidays is crazy let alone having the kids endure and all day trip.  This sadly means I see them every other year and although ichat does help it is still really sad.  So traveling to Cincinnati for the holiday is not a question.  So this was a exiting holiday for us.  Getting to see everyone and my parents recently had a their dream renovation done which made Christmas so awesome.  We also went for our second time to see the Awaited Show at my parents church.  Gracie and Nolan attended 2 years ago but Nolan was a month old but Gracie loved it then.  This year we decided to take Nolan to the  1 1/2 show which he loved.  He was mesmerized by all the dancing the animals and the real snow falling from the ceiling.  The best thing I have ever seen and I wish I could take everyone I know to see it. So that being said I thought I would just give you a little taste of what my family and I love.  Oh, just a note make sure you check out Troy's ugly Christmas sweater in our Family Picture.  All the boys wore them to the Show.

Enjoy 2 video's that represent my Christmas holiday and the end to a very hard year.

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