Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Year

Before leaving the first month of this new year of 2014 I should recognize we have come into a new year which I am overly excited for.  Most know our 2013 was a little crazy and WE were so ready to say goodbye to 2013.

Quick recap of what our 2013 looked like...
  1. Troy's new job at TIU
  2. Troy moved to Chicago and live on campus.
  3. Lot's of flu season take overs
  4. Packing
  5. Putting the house up for sale
  6. Troy totaled you beloved toyota corolla
  7. we refinanced our house
  8. my dad came for a weekend to help us buy troy a new car
  9. found someone to rent our house
  10. loaded up the truck for storage
  11. moved in with my parents for 4 months
  12. good times in cinch from friends to amazing bible studies
  13. photographed wedding #1
  14. the air conditioning unit went out on the van
  15. photographed wedding #2
  16. our move to Chicago with a truck that leaked
  17. schenk family vacation
  18. 10 years of marriage and back in the same city to celebrate
  19. new friends, new church, new memories
  20. home-school pre-school for Gracie
  21. the start of a new football season
  22. miscarriage, weight gain, and missing family & friends
  23. we all got older
  24. issues with the canton house and finding new tenants
  25. Photographed wedding #3
I literally went through all the post of 2013 to just remind myself.  Although there were lots of hard times that tried on us as a family, individually, even on our marriage there were some wonderful times too.  Lots of times to love on each other as a family to see our true hearts.  Gracie and Nolan have changed and grown so much this last year and there were many first for both, lots of new friends, and new experiences in a new place.  I am so thankful that we were loved on by so many that checked on us so often and prayed for us as unconditionally.  Thank you Lord for pushing us through it and thank you for new beginings.

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