Saturday, January 4, 2014

Family Christmas {part 1}

For those of you still following thank you and I am sorry.  I have tried to sit down and write but just can't seem to get myself to finish or to get anything posted.  So seeing it is the new year I decided to make the fresh start and get some things in line for posting.  I will go back a little to catch us up to our new 2014.

Our family Christmas was celebrated first in Chicago.  And the story will be told in pictures as some of the best stories are...

too cool
 nolan and his john deere have been inseparable since thanksgiving

 gracie added the red beads
 nolan was convinced it should be a john deere christmas
 loving our christmas decorating
 as it has be come tradition to make a ginger bread house
and a tradition for gracie to eat most of the candy
 i did the icing work but gracie did the decorating

most of the roof candy was eating by 
Nolan after nap while I was not looking
and she enjoyed some of the icing

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Luke said...

So cute that Nolan was decorating the tree with his tractor! That jogs my memory to when Jesse was that age, and he loved matchbox cars and tried to put them all over the tree when we were putting it up that year. --Kit